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5 Tips for Designing Sites with User Experience In Mind

There’s a limitless number of things that you can do to improve your UX design. What you have to understand is that not all the advice you read about will be relevant to your website. Some changes will also be far more impactful than others, so you want to make sure you implement the right changes with the limited resources that are available to you. Here is a small list of cherry-picked tips to designing sites with user experience in mind to get you started. 1. Simplify Your Website You still see websites that have multiple navigation bars, widget boxes, and ads strewn out all over the place. This negatively impacts the user experience. UX design is about providing the right elements in the right context. If you have a navigation bar for related articles, why not just add it to the bottom of the main content? If you have […]

5 years, 6 months ago
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The Evolution of Process: Agile Design

The praises of collaboration, creative briefs, project management styles and design thinking – though valid and effective – have all been sung. Creative teams are now looking to expand and experiment with new processes, moving far away from the traditional design project management style, hoping to crack the code in design process reinvention. With most creative teams working on projects ranging from UI/UX to content strategy, the process of agile design lends itself to an elastic, fluid journey to the end product. The agile approach is all about communication. The research, design/development, marketing, and customer support teams all need to be in constant conversation so that they know what needs to be done. Then, the information must be structured in a way that allows all the teams to play their respective roles to improve on the product in an organized way whether it’s changing the graphic design or fixing various […]

5 years, 8 months ago
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Keep An Eye On These 4: Design Trends II

Evolve, evolve, evolve. Isn’t that what adaptation is all about? Creating a space of innovation and creativity, keeping up with all of the fleeting and design-changing trends that emerge almost faster than we can handle. Almost! Here are 4 of the design trends that have been identified for the big leagues this year: Huge Background Images Using high-quality images as huge, beautiful backgrounds is expected to be one of the main trends of 2015, accompanied by poignant copy and eye-catching typography. Some parallax elements will be incorporated as well, as web design moves toward fluidity (it’s all about making it easy on the eyes). Mobile-Focused Branding More and more brands are finding that their user base has drastically increased their mobile usage. Optimizing websites for mobile, therefore, is crucial for most businesses; ensuring that your user has the optimal experience when interacting with your site is of utmost importance. Mobile […]

6 years, 1 month ago
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Why Conduct a ‘Hackathon’?

In attending the events surrounding Portland Startup Week over the past few days – one subject has been buzzed about over and over – the ‘Hackathon’ or ‘Hack Fest’. Defining a Hackathon The name is often misinterpreted, and is regularly abused by the media referencing a menacing connotation referring to a criminal activity – however, a ‘hackathon’ is far from the well known and maligned ‘hacker’ description. Hackathons aim to offer a creative venue for breakthrough innovation through technology, specific to programming or development, while striving to be inclusive of all team segments to provide the best outcome. A group comes together, forming teams around one idea, goal, or problem to solve. The outcome is generally a website or app. Traditionally, as the name implies, ‘hackathons’ have been a marathon event involving a 24-48 hour sprint to complete the project – fueled by team spirit, adrenaline and sometimes – beer. […]

6 years, 2 months ago
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4 Elements for Successful Design

Every brand wants to be the one their audience turns to, solving problems and saving the day consistently. Having a beautiful website has become more than just a nice interface – the elements of design go deeper and require more thought as customers are faced with seemingly limitless options, all at their fingertips. We have done the research for you and have surfaced with a few aspects that can propel your brand forward, staying ahead of the creative race. The four key elements for a successful design are: differentiation, relevance, coherence and esteem. Differentiation Flaunt competitive advantages – show company value and brilliant vision. Infusing corporate culture into the main web design process, seeping into the interface and broadcasting a clear message to viewers. Every brand has an essence/vibe/personality that is eagerly anticipating its emergence – it begs to be shared. There is a myriad of websites and designs in […]

6 years, 3 months ago
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Web Redesign to Accommodate Mobile Dominance

For some businesses, mobile represents a significant portion of their traffic. If your business falls under this category, then you probably understand how important mobile web design is to your success. Mobile is getting more profitable and more business owners are seeing the value in investing into this area. Redesign is a logical course of action if your aim is to dominate the mobile search results and tie your customers into your mobile channel. To start off, you have to option between setting up a separate mobile website and a responsive site. If search engine optimization (SEO) is a channel that is being pursued, then responsive design is the way to go. The reason why is because responsive design allows for you to serve both desktop and mobile users with one website. Since one website is being used, the content and links being created will double in their value. It […]

6 years, 5 months ago