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What’s Next: Minimalism vs. Maximalism in Web Design

For years, minimalism in web design has reigned supreme. Whether it’s for reasons of usability, user experience or aesthetics – a simplistic approach to web design is both recognizable and appealing to modern tastes. Recently, however, taking note from other high design industries, a ‘more is more’ philosophy has taken shape. Both taking cues from fashion, interior design and film, minimalism and maximalism are complex initiatives that must be applied appropriately for the brand being represented. Maximalism Goes Digital A bridge to experiential design, maximalism allows for a variety of color, font, pattern and vast visual elements. While this may sound like too many elements all in one, a maximalist approach can be highly effective in authentically representing a brand. When done well, the resulting interface can result in an impactful and often impressive experience. A maximalist approach is about decadence, fantasy and the creation of another world. Taking the […]

3 years, 2 days ago
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The Important Role of Icons in UX Design

There is arguably no better avenue to make a stronger brand presentation than to maintain consistent graphic elements throughout an interface. Icons are the ideal vehicle to deliver this consistent look and feel, and it can be surprising how much leverage they have in conveying the perspective of an entire website. Well crafted and designed icons bring unification to a user’s website experience and are a critical part of the website design process. Lending a great deal to the overall style of the design, they are essential in helping promote recognition, usability and an intuitive experience. In fact, the most effective icons are the ones that go virtually unnoticed due to the fact that they blend so seamlessly with the design of the interface. Acting as a visual representation of content, icons are a component of visual storytelling – in its most basic of forms. Delivering core information to the […]

3 years, 7 months ago
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Parallax: the Good, the Bad and the Flashy

One of the most implemented and trending web design trends right now is parallax design. Parallax design is a design that utilizes background images in a way that creates a visual effect. It is most commonly used in long pages where the content unfolds. As the user scrolls down the page, images change as if it’s an interactive visual presentation or almost like a comic book. Used as a point of reference to align oneself when observing more distant objects, parallax was built from the multiplane camera technique and was used in classic animation since the 1930s. Companies are using this design method on the websites to showcase the products, display engaging content, and tell a visual story. And there are plenty of reasons why. The Upside This design can really wow users and get them committed to your content. It is incredibly engaging because of the simple fact that a […]

5 years, 11 months ago
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It’s Not You, It’s Your Type: Choosing the Right Font for Your Site

Typographic selections for any project, let alone a website, is a truly large task. When designing for the web, it’s important to know that content is constantly changing, and that type implementation will change as the material changes. The selection of type for the web is literally fraught with moving parts that will alter the initial design almost constantly – whether it’s a browser type or contributors adding new content. This differs from packaging or print a great deal as those are a more static approach. Either way, the selection of type is truly an emotional experience, both for the designer and user. It’s the designers job to evoke these emotions with a steadfast design that reflects the brand it’s representing. The fonts chosen will become a primary component of the user experience on a site or application, so it’s important to view the entire context to deliver the right formula. […]

6 years, 9 days ago
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Aesthetic: Infusing Beauty into Web Design

A branch of philosophy dealing with the nature of art, beauty, and taste, with the creation and appreciation of beauty. Scientifically, it has been approached as the study of sensory or sensori-emotional values – defined subjectively and according to personal taste. Aesthetics identifies as a reflection on art, culture, and nature. Design, specifically directed toward web, incorporates all of these elements to provide the best experience for a brand’s audience. The true vision of aesthetics is a sentient observation of surroundings, immersing oneself fully in the sensory experience. While this has been deliberated and analyzed within the philosophy of art, the technological advances that have boomed into the world have harnessed and embraced it. Understanding and recognizing the art within precise and crisp design is part of the user experience. What better way to connect with people on an emotional level (within web, which can become largely cerebral and aloof) […]

6 years, 18 days ago
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5 Design Secrets You’ve Been Waiting For

Let’s face it – we know you’ve been wondering how web designers create compelling images and engaging graphics, wanting to know what their secrets are for effective web design. The ability to save time while maintaining high levels of productivity is a long-cultivated skill, but some designers were willing to share their great designing tips. 

 Aesthetics are obviously important when designing a site – the human eye is drawn to pleasing colors and images. But does impeccable design truly matter? (Well, yes.) Functionality is crucial, allowing your users to navigate through your site with ease and intuitiveness. While customers may leave your site if they feel that not enough attention was given to visual design, they will definitely leave your website if they cannot perform the intended functions or even get through the pages. The best combination would be to have an aesthetically pleasing website that also provides an […]

6 years, 1 month ago