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The Power of Color Psychology for Effective Web Design

When it comes to choosing colors for your website, it can be fun to just select what intuitively feels right. This might work well if you are an artist and about to establish your own, unique style without worrying about what the audience might think of you. If you are a business, however, you are most likely concerned about things like sales and marketing and, as a result, wonder which colors might be most beneficial in supporting all of your business efforts. In fact, selecting the right colors can not only help your overall marketing strategy, but it can impact your entire brand image and how prospective customers will perceive you. That is a very important perspective to consider, especially for certain industries where looking professional as opposed to playful, for example, could make all the difference between closing a deal and losing a customer. Let’s take a look at […]

6 years, 11 months ago
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Keep An Eye On These 4: Design Trends II

Evolve, evolve, evolve. Isn’t that what adaptation is all about? Creating a space of innovation and creativity, keeping up with all of the fleeting and design-changing trends that emerge almost faster than we can handle. Almost! Here are 4 of the design trends that have been identified for the big leagues this year: Huge Background Images Using high-quality images as huge, beautiful backgrounds is expected to be one of the main trends of 2015, accompanied by poignant copy and eye-catching typography. Some parallax elements will be incorporated as well, as web design moves toward fluidity (it’s all about making it easy on the eyes). Mobile-Focused Branding More and more brands are finding that their user base has drastically increased their mobile usage. Optimizing websites for mobile, therefore, is crucial for most businesses; ensuring that your user has the optimal experience when interacting with your site is of utmost importance. Mobile […]

7 years, 7 months ago