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All Sites Are Not Created Equal: Choosing the Right Website Type

In the early stages of a new company or brand launch, a website presence is the first stop to gain exposure and begin market disruption. Many think that a website is a one size fits all approach, and if not guided correctly, end up with an informational site that ends up having to be redesigned as soon as the company receives any traction. In fact, deciding what type of website to implement is heavily dependent on what the needs of the company are and what the website needs to do for the organization it represents. Informational websites still have a place for many businesses, apps and sub brands – however, it can be a costly endeavor once the organization realizes their needs have outgrown or aren’t served by the static site. Understanding the types of sites that are available¬†can assist in narrowing focus and seeing what options are available. Once […]

6 years, 6 days ago