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The Important Role of Icons in UX Design

There is arguably no better avenue to make a stronger brand presentation than to maintain consistent graphic elements throughout an interface. Icons are the ideal vehicle to deliver this consistent look and feel, and it can be surprising how much leverage they have in conveying the perspective of an entire website. Well crafted and designed icons bring unification to a user’s website experience and are a critical part of the website design process. Lending a great deal to the overall style of the design, they are essential in helping promote recognition, usability and an intuitive experience. In fact, the most effective icons are the ones that go virtually unnoticed due to the fact that they blend so seamlessly with the design of the interface. Acting as a visual representation of content, icons are a component of visual storytelling – in its most basic of forms. Delivering core information to the […]

4 years, 5 months ago
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6 Website Button Design Trends To Try Now

With the great deal of importance placed on User Experience, digital button design should not be overlooked. These are just a few of the aesthetic treatments that can be applied to an interface, but as always, ensuring that the design is aligned with the brand it represents and users it serves – is key. Ghost The use of ghost buttons is a relatively new treatment to the well used and loved call to action button. Ghost buttons serve the same purpose as traditional buttons but feature transparent interiors and have basic shapes such as rectangles or squares. Outlined, or bordered by a hairline, the inside features very plain text usually in a thin sans-serif. Ghost buttons are incredibly attention grabbing and intuitive which can explain their meteoric rise for designers and developers alike. Flat Personified by two-dimensional, clean, smooth, crisp edges and bright colors – flat design could be coined […]

6 years, 4 months ago