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Authenticity vs. Trust in The Digital Environment

In a traditional setting, without the vast spaces that a digital environment allows, authenticity and trust were more of a tangible quality that customers or clients could see and feel. With this confidence factor, consumers were easily able to make informed decisions, purchases and build relationships based on a face to face interaction with the product, service or brand representative themselves. Today – with much of business being conducted over some sort of digital divide, be it eCommerce, project management or video conference – there is a level of trust that much be lent from each side in order to fulfill a successful transition leading to a sustained relationship. One of the biggest questions for organizations operating online is how to not only give the perception of authenticity, but actually BE authentic. With users across the globe, the viability of a business rests on user experience and the resulting presence […]

4 years, 4 months ago
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The Power of Color Psychology for Effective Web Design

When it comes to choosing colors for your website, it can be fun to just select what intuitively feels right. This might work well if you are an artist and about to establish your own, unique style without worrying about what the audience might think of you. If you are a business, however, you are most likely concerned about things like sales and marketing and, as a result, wonder which colors might be most beneficial in supporting all of your business efforts. In fact, selecting the right colors can not only help your overall marketing strategy, but it can impact your entire brand image and how prospective customers will perceive you. That is a very important perspective to consider, especially for certain industries where looking professional as opposed to playful, for example, could make all the difference between closing a deal and losing a customer. Let’s take a look at […]

6 years, 1 month ago
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5 Ways to Use Visual Storytelling for Web

Visual narrative, when combined with the right measure of image and often sound, creates a level of connection and intrigue that no other technique can achieve. Emotion, anticipation and stimulation reward the active participant with a resulting heightened engagement for the site owner. Alternately, average (static) content puts the user in a passive mode where they either consume the content or leave the website altogether. Visual stories, on the other hand, are interactive and get people to commit themselves to your story. There are several effective platforms to apply visual storytelling in the digital environment. Working with a content team to develop stories and narrative around the brand, and a creative team to implement the visuals will deliver the best outcome. #1: Use Your Words Storytelling via typography can be effective, however, the content must be relevant and cohesive. Taking into consideration the idea of cognitive fluency, many users only read […]

6 years, 5 months ago
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Be Noticeable: Marketing Your Web Design

Amazingly, web design and development has rapidly progressed and evolved from its origins in the late 1980s. As new technology, trends and features pop up, designers and creative developers are forced to think on their feet and come up with new ways to structure their website design. When designing or redesigning a site, there are a few aspects that one should focus on: Making the site clean yet attractive. While your website must draw in new customers and retain current ones with engaging, colorful graphics, you must also ensure that your design is clean and focused*. Your users are interacting with your website to glean information and absorb relevant content – if the design is too busy and distracting, users will leave the experience with little knowledge of what your company can provide for them. Developing a strong brand voice and presence is crucial in your website design. Write with […]

7 years ago