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6 Must-Have Ecommerce Web Design Elements

All websites aren’t created equal. There lies a vast set of differences between the inner workings of a business (informational site) and an ecommerce site. The goal is the same, to inform the user and lead them to a conversion – however – the pathway to completion have very different requirements. For an ecommerce site to even have a chance at survival, it must do much more than just look pretty. It must function far beyond first impressions and serve the user by being highly functional, trustworthy, experiential and don’t forget – purchase driven. After concepting, designing and developing many successful ecommerce site, the team of designers and strategists at ArtVersion Interactive have come up with an essential list of elements that an ecommerce site cannot go without. User-Centric Navigation Just as it sounds, navigation is the map that a customer will use to direct them to conversion. Smart navigation is critical to the success of […]

6 years, 5 months ago
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Corporate Photography: A Snapshot

It seems as though everyone is a photographer today, with apps like Instagram, Flickr and Facebook allowing for quick, easy photo sharing. Brands have a unique opportunity to showcase their team using the growing social media market. Having quality, clear professional headshots is essential to communicate both relevancy and formality. We spoke with a creative designer and photographer, who gave her take on corporate headshots and their importance for businesses. Why is it important to get quality head shots? Your clients receive impressions of you in every interaction – from browsing your website, to communicating with you via email, to scrolling through your social media pages. At any given moment, when experiencing that connection to your brand, both images and the related content are absorbed – impressions are formed quickly and often cannot be reversed. Even individuals who have had no experience with photography can tell the difference between a […]

7 years, 2 months ago