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Design Your Greatest Pitch Deck Yet

As brands begin to find their new pace in the new year, startups are perking up their ears, trying to pick up any tips and tricks to improve their image and business. While many options exist to assist them in their optimization, one of the easiest and more fun methods in design include creating pitch decks. Raising money from investors isn’t easy in the best times, and for startups it can be especially challenging (without the experience that other brands have collected over the years). To perfect a pitch, a brand will need to follow specific points, achieving the ideal presentation framework. Clean It Up Investors are not interested in a cluttered and over-detailed presentation; a way to ensure that you begin on a strong note is to think about your “elevator pitch.” A common exercise in the business world, this condenses your message into a 60 to 90 second […]

7 years, 5 days ago