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Why Conduct a ‘Hackathon’?

In attending the events surrounding Portland Startup Week over the past few days – one subject has been buzzed about over and over – the ‘Hackathon’ or ‘Hack Fest’. Defining a Hackathon The name is often misinterpreted, and is regularly abused by the media referencing a menacing connotation referring to a criminal activity – however, a ‘hackathon’ is far from the well known and maligned ‘hacker’ description. Hackathons aim to offer a creative venue for breakthrough innovation through technology, specific to programming or development, while striving to be inclusive of all team segments to provide the best outcome. A group comes together, forming teams around one idea, goal, or problem to solve. The outcome is generally a website or app. Traditionally, as the name implies, ‘hackathons’ have been a marathon event involving a 24-48 hour sprint to complete the project – fueled by team spirit, adrenaline and sometimes – beer. […]

6 years, 8 months ago