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The Important Role of Icons in UX Design

There is arguably no better avenue to make a stronger brand presentation than to maintain consistent graphic elements throughout an interface. Icons are the ideal vehicle to deliver this consistent look and feel, and it can be surprising how much leverage they have in conveying the perspective of an entire website. Well crafted and designed icons bring unification to a user’s website experience and are a critical part of the website design process. Lending a great deal to the overall style of the design, they are essential in helping promote recognition, usability and an intuitive experience. In fact, the most effective icons are the ones that go virtually unnoticed due to the fact that they blend so seamlessly with the design of the interface. Acting as a visual representation of content, icons are a component of visual storytelling – in its most basic of forms. Delivering core information to the […]

4 years, 4 months ago
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Design an Experience, Not Just a Campaign

We’ve all heard the drill: we need a phenomenal user experience and interface, and fast! Create, create, create and do not forget to make it personable and technologically advanced. Businesses have become so focused on the entire package that they have forgotten about the most important thing: brand personality and warmth. Find Your Roots Go deep into the story you’re telling, and that story is multifaceted. The creator of the brand wants to evoke specific emotions in their viewers – does it accomplish that? What sort of information does the audience require, and how do they glean value from your brand? Meaning, what is that unique factor that distinguishes your brand from the competition, why should your intended users favor you over others? You know what that is. Focus on it and be proud and supportive of your story without overdoing it. From the other perspective, your users are processing […]

6 years, 6 months ago
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A Fresh Approach for a Company Website

Looking to make an impact with your company website? If so, you want to think about how to make your web design convey value to your users in a clean and concise manner. There are many ways to make your website stand out and really speak to your audience. The color palette, layout and the graphics all come into play when designing for a company website. Here are some unique approaches that you can try out. Use visual storytelling – If the goal is to get people involved with your company or brand, go with visual storytelling. Combine relevant images with text written from a storytelling approach to draw people in and get them vested into your company or brand. Design methods like parallax design can really go a long way in helping you achieve this goal. Keep it minimal – Say what you need to say as concisely as […]

7 years, 8 months ago