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Defining User-Centered Design

The term user-centered has been a long time coming. It’s time tested  knowledge that in order to work optimally, a system – whether digital or print – must speak the language of the user. In decades past, this has come to be known as user-friendly, user-centric, user-first and so on. In the recent past, however, a shift has occurred to refine the actual needs of a user, creating a truly usable and functional system that satisfies any and all tasks in the most seamless way imaginable – enter user-centered design (UCD). An emerging philosophy, the goal of user-centered design is simple: meet the needs of the end user at all touchpoints within the design and interface lifecycle. Whether labeling it ‘user-centered’ design or not, the process of focusing on the needs of the user is implemented across industry and platform as a benchmark of best practices. The distinction between UCD […]

6 years, 4 months ago